Comprehensive care for your loved one, in a place that feels like home.

Short-term Rehabilitation

When a loved one has experienced a medical crisis, getting back to themselves is difficult. Take advantage of our rehabilitation and therapy services and rest assured they are in competent hands. We create an individualized full-service therapy regime carried out by professionals with up-to-date equipment, so they can heal and regain their independence.

Long-term care

When a loved one’s medical needs are complex, living at home is difficult and unsafe. Enjoy peace of mind knowing their every need is attended to with dignity and respect. We create customized care plans for each resident and provide round-the-clock care so all you need to worry about is popping in to visit.

Mental Health

We specialize in post-acute care for individuals of all ages with mental illness and disabilities. Using the results from PGx testing, health care providers can individualize drug therapy selection and dosages for patients-based on their genetic makeup.

PGX Testing

As everyone has a unique genetic makeup, this can affect how you will respond or react to certain medications. Through pharmacogenomics testing, individualized medicine treatment plans can be developed based on each patient’s genetic makeup, to determine optimal drugs and dosages, and limit harmful side effects.

Hospice & palliative care

When a loved one is facing advanced illness it’s stressful for everyone. Be confident they are receiving care of the highest quality in a respectful and dignified manner. We provide all-inclusive support for the patient and family during these difficult times.

Respite Care

When caring for a loved one becomes overwhelming, take a short break with our respite care service. Recharge while knowing they are receiving premier care and their individual needs are met. Our respite break residents can take advantage of all the benefits available to our residents, such as the beauty shop, access to activities, and the ability to join any ongoing programs.