Long-Term Care

Providing the highest level of quality long-term care for our senior residents’ needs.
Cathedral Health Care Center is dedicated to providing the highest level of quality long-term care for our senior residents’ needs. One-on-one long-term care services enhance quality of life, and our carefully individualized senior care plans result in fewer hospitalizations.

Residents in long-term care stay engaged and involved in activities tailored to each resident’s abilities and comfort level. Group sessions are also available to foster camaraderie and friendship. Our primary focus includes preventing the need for hospital visits whenever possible by utilizing our highly trained clinical staff.

A therapist helps an elderly patient lift a small dumbbell

Physical, Speech & Occupational Therapy

Nursing, physical and occupational therapy sessions address fine motor skills and coordination. Our speech therapists assist recovery from stroke or other speech issues. Our #1 goal is to bring the people we care for as close to the functionality they once had, as possible.

An elderly woman sits in a chair looking at a photo album

Respite Care

When caring for a loved one becomes overwhelming, take a short break with our respite care service. Recharge while knowing they are receiving premier care and their individual needs are met. Our respite break residents can take advantage of all the benefits available to our residents, such as the beauty shop, access to the activity rooms, and the ability to join any ongoing programs.

Holding hands

Hospice & Palliative Care

When a loved one is facing advanced illness it’s stressful for everyone. Be confident they are receiving care of the highest quality in a respectful and dignified manner. We provide all-inclusive support for the patient and family during these difficult times.